from HOME!

Yesterday, the oncologist said Mollie's bone marrow looked like it was about to send out a bunch of neutrophils and he was right on.  Yesterday's ANC = 0; today's ANC = 1000!  She has not had a fever for more than 24 hours, so they discharged her.

We could not be happier.  She still has a rash and swollen gums, but we are to follow up with clinic next week and keep checking for fever @ home.  She is so happy to be home and we feel like a family again!

In other news, Liam got his first tooth last night, our friends Lauren and Justin welcomed their new son to the world yesterday morning, the weather here is gorgeous, and it is a long weekend.  Mollie picked a good day to leave the hospital!

More later... 


  1. Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! We are psyched for you guys! Our Neutrophil Dance must have worked for both Mollie and Mimi :)
    Hugs and enjoy being a family under one roof.

  2. Hooray I'm thrilled you are all home and together again!

  3. YEAH for being FF!!! Delighted to hear that Miss Mollie's bone marrow is cranking out all those good infection-fighting cells; way to go marvelous marrow! Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to let down now. She is home; you are together as a family with a long weekend stretched out in front of you. Enjoy it. Soak it up and let it soothe away the stress and worry and fear of this last week. Abrazos grandes, Michele, Rowan's mommy

  4. Yay! So glad to hear, and great timing. And happy
    "official" off-treatment to Mollie!


    Auntie K

  5. I'm so glad to hear she's home. Have a great holiday.

    Theresa (Matt's 2nd cousin)

  6. Hi

    We really appreciate your blog as we have had our three year old son diagnosed about 5 weeks ago and your right, thefear and anxiety are overwhelming sometimes. He keeps geting temperatures and can't seem to shift a cough.
    Reading about other parents situations gives us hope.

    thank you


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