"Normal" day

Mollie's cough/cold did not get worse and she really wanted to go to school today, so she went. She had another good day and has been asking tons of questions about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because they had a birthday party for him at school.

It hovered around freezing all day today so we didn't spend any time outside, but we did a few errands this afternoon. Some kids in the store noticed Mollie's hair and were asking their mom about it. Mollie was totally ignoring it; I thought she didn't even hear until she whispered, "I think a big kid saw my head and didn't even touch it." She is okay with the hair situation, but always glances longingly at the hair bows in the store. Her hair is growing back, but it's going to be a while before she can wear hair bows.


Coughing *Updated with photos*

Five minutes (literally) after my post last night, Mollie came downstairs with a cough! It sounded like she had a hairball. No fever... but she wanted me to sleep with her because she was kind of freaked out (me too). I slept in her room and she hardly coughed the rest of the night (and I have a crook in my neck from being squished between Mollie and the wall). I kept her home from school, and so far the cough is just an a occasional cough. Let's hope it stays that way!

We went to a little park up in N. Augusta today and the girls had a great time playing . Mollie had fun throwing rocks into the little creek and scaring the tadpoles, and Lucy tried to eat sand!

We came home to find a package of pirate goodies from my aunt and uncle so Mollie spent the evening searching for "treasure" around the house. And we had an 80's dance party before bed!


So far.... so good.

Mollie has been having a great week! Really. Getting her up and moving in the morning has not been bad at all. She is really into fashion and make-up so she gets her outfits and accessories all picked out the night before. She's been happy when she gets to school and happy when she gets home. In fact, she's been more energetic and happier than she's been in a while.

Next week she'll get her counts checked and then she has another two weeks before more IV chemo. A few kids in her class have sniffles and/or coughs so I'm praying that we all stay healthy. We're really promoting the hand sanitizer!!


School Day

Mollie had a great day at school! She stayed the whole day, ate well, napped, and was happy when I picked her up. What she said about the experience "Well.... I was kind of conscious about my hair when I got there, but in the little while I got un-conscious." Tomorrow she is supposed to bring in an item item that begins with the letter M and she thinks she might just bring in herself.

Her hair is coming back in and it is so soft. I can't stop rubbing her head!

It was a good way to begin the week.