Let's Go to the Movies

Today was too hot to do much of anything. Yesterday we set up our own beach in the backyard, complete with sand & shells (in the sandbox), water (the baby pool), and beach umbrellas. Today was too hot even for that, so we decided to go to a matinee.

That turned out to be a great decision. We saw Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. We went all out with popcorn and candy, much to Mollie's delight. There were only 2 other people in the theater so Lucy got to run all over the place without disturbing anybody. Mollie and I both enjoyed the movie. Mollie was particularly interested in Amelia Earhart and she couldn't stop giggling at the appearance of Oscar the Grouch and Darth Vader.

Mollie spent the evening making "inventions" with leftover cardboard, packaging, and tape. She made a "look-thru" and a "magnifinder". I will probably have to go buy more tape tomorrow...


In her words

Mollie gets a bit more philosophical when she's on steroids.

Yesterday she was complaining about how bad her stomach felt. She said, "Do you think I would feel this way if I was a toad?" I told her I didn't know. She replied, "Well, you're the scientist!"

She has also been full of really great questions...

How do little people reach the counter at the bank?

Do adopted children have names before they are adopted?

How do people in wheelchairs get in cars?

We are looking forward to today- no steroids and we'll go down to the hospital for the Children's Miracle Network Celebration.