From the hospital, day 2

We are still here.  Mollie has been spiking fevers on and off since yesterday and has developed a rash over her face and trunk.  The oncologist (Dr. M) thinks it is viral, but Mollie is getting broad spectrum antibiotic coverage just in case.  There isn't much else to report; her ANC is still very, very low and she's feeling pretty lousy overall.   She is tired and bored; they are testing her for a virus so she has to be in 'isolation' until the tests come back.  We completely understand (they don't want to expose all the other immune compromised patients on the floor to what she has), but the contact precautions are annoying.  No playroom.  Gowns and masks for staff coming into the room.

The hospital here is similar to MCG.  The staff are friendly and responsive.  The hem/onc unit has been recently renovated so they have some cool state of the art equipment in the patient rooms, like flat screen TVs and barcode readers for the hospital bracelets. Funny how the little annoying things, like the IV beeping incessantly and the slow pharmacy, are the same.

I'm off to get a little sleep, hoping that Mollie's bone marrow cranks out a bunch of baby neutrophils tonight.


  1. Dear Sarah,
    Lucky that you and Matt are such strong, wonderful parents!!
    Our Hearts are with all of you.
    Phil & Holly

  2. I really empathize! We spent the last 11 days of Isabel's treatment in the hospital! I joke that she crash landed into off treatment. Her virus was slow growing and it seemed like forever before we knew the cause (staph in her port).

    No matter how many times you're inpatient, it really never gets easier, does it? Oh those beeping machines!

    It's hard living in the hospital.

    My thoughts are with you all. Hang in there. I hope you are out ever so quickly. XO.

  3. Thinking of you, Matt, Lucy and Liam and especially Mollie. If she is bored maybe you could do the alphabet game with her, heck she might just choose some other places other than "Albuquerque, Babylon, Cinn...etc". As always wishing you lived on this side of the country but glad to know that the new hospital is ok. eph

  4. Thinking of you guys and hoping for a speedy recovery to home and back to school!


  5. Thinking of you. Please tell Mollie that Bella loves and misses her and wants her to get well soon. She wants a spend-the-night party.


  6. Oh, Sarah. Sending neutrophil vibes Mollie's way and sleep dust yours.

  7. This b-school student is thinking of ideas on how to have some sort of fix for the little annoying things... The auntie in me is thankful that the good stuff is as good as it is (like child life specialists) in both places, though :)


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