Snow Days

We had a lovely little birthday party for Liam on Sunday!  He cried at his first piece of cake because he wanted his bottle, but once he started on the cake, there was no stopping him!

Liam is wearing the vest I knit for him!

Later that night, it began to snow.  And it snowed all day Monday.   Then it turned to freezing rain.  Schools have been closed all week, so we have been having some fun around the house:  sledding, crafting, fort-building, reading, and sitting by the fire.  Tomorrow is back to school for Mollie.  Unfortunately, they have to make up the missed days over President's day and the MLK holiday.  Boo!

Snow fun in the common area behind our house

In case you can't tell, they are sledding on my (really old) snowboard!

Not only do we not have a sled, but we don't have any snow clothes either!  Lucy is wearing swim trunks over pants!

The clinics have been closed this week too, so Mollie's appointment will be rescheduled.  Ever since Christmas she has been plagued with a cough/cold.  We ended up taking her to urgent care (at our family doc) on Jan. 6 because she was looking and feeling puny (as they say in Augusta).   She was feverish, coughing a lot, and extremely lethargic.  They did a flu swab and chest x-ray and said told us they both came back negative, but that they would call when the radiologist reviewed the chest films.  No antibiotics, just control the fever.  The next evening we got a call from the doc that her x-rays showed a little "pneumonitis" or early pneumonia.  So she started her favorite medicine, Zithromax.  What a difference an antibiotic makes.  She finished her last dose yesterday and feels much better!

I am still working on organizing our Disney pictures (too many!). Hopefully I'll have a couple of picture posts this weekend.



Happy Birthday Little Spud!