Clinic Update

I'll cut right to the chase... Mollie's blood work came back fine!  Happy dance!

Dr. J thinks this lingering cough is allergy/post-nasal drip; her lungs sound great and she has a prominent lymph node or two, consistent with a cough/allergy.  No evidence of bronchitis or strep. Unfortunately the blood draw was an arm stick (not the preferred finger stick), but Mollie was a trooper and didn't even cry!  Her WBC is 12.3, ANC is 8000, hemoglobin is 13.6, and platelets are 237,000.   All of her other blood chemistry (electrolytes, liver markers, kidney markers) looked fine too. 

This was Mollie's last appointment at Levine Children's Hospital.   It is a great clinic and a wonderful group of people.  We will miss the staff and Dr. J!  Hopefully the new clinic will be up to snuff!


Four Years

Today marks four years since Mollie was diagnosed with preB cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  June 17, 2008 seems like ages ago, but as I was recounting the story to a new friend the other day, I was surprised at how quickly all those intense feelings came flooding right back.  I still think about Mollie's diagnosis and treatment almost every day- whether it's interacting with the friends from oncology clinic, worrying about some symptom that one of the kids has, or just running across some paperwork or memento.

I know Mollie also experiences some intense emotions related to her cancer.  She doesn't like to talk about her leukemia to anyone except us- I think it is too hard for her to keep her feelings inside.   She is proud to be a survivor, but for now that's about all that she wants to share with most people. 

Four years from diagnosis, and more than a year off of treatment, Mollie is doesn't show too many outward signs of her 2.5 years of chemo.  Her hair is much longer and thicker than it has ever been.  She still has some balance and weakness issues in her legs; it is improving (especially with dance classes).  At the moment, she has a nasty cough that has been slowly improving (too slowly for me!).  We have seen the doc twice, but antibiotics are not helping.  We have her regular oncology appointment with Dr. J on Tuesday- I will feel better after talking with him.

School's out, we are getting ready for our big cross country move,  and we are enjoying late spring in North Carolina- chasing fireflies, spending evenings at the pool, and picking wild blackberries, honeysuckle, and Queen Anne's lace. 

Happy Father's Day!  My three are missing their Daddy and can't wait to see him next week!

Will update again after clinic...