Update, Long Overdue

Spring is always such a busy time and this year we have been able to enjoy it without chemo- we've been to the horse races (The Queen's Cup in Charlotte), to the aviation museum, and finally planted a few containers of herbs and flowers for Mollie and Lucy to tend.

Mollie had her monthly follow-up appointment last week and I am happy to report.... nothing!  All of her counts were normal! 

Still, there are little things that I wonder about.  She has now had two allergic reactions to sunscreen- swelling & itchy red rash.  We have tried two different types of sunscreen and only reaction only seems to happen when she gets a lot of sun AND is wearing sunscreen.  With the advent of hot weather, we are trying to get to the bottom of this!  For now, we are just keeping her covered with hats, glasses, longsleeves, and shade as much as possible.  She never had this before chemo and I wonder if her immune system is a bit confused.

Also, she continues to have the occasional bloody nose.  Dr. J. is not concerned since they are small and stop very quickly.  She may have a blood vessel close to the surface and hot, dry air irritates the skin.  She had this same type of bloody nose before she was diagnosed with leukemia, but never during chemo, so it bothers me a lot!

She also had her first dental appointment in a long time- the oncologist discouraged this during chemo treatment because of the possibility of introducing bacteria during cleaning or other dental work.  No cavities!

That's the update for now.  Mollie is thriving at her new school and generally enjoying life!  Can't ask for more!