Week in Review

Thank goodness for "normal". Mollie has had a healthy, normal week. The weather as been lovely (except for a thick coating of pollen everywhere), so we have been going outside to practice throwing, catching, and hitting a baseball. Being sick and weakened for so long has definitely affected Mollie's endurance- she was winded just from walking around the block. But we're working on it.

Mollie made the Beeper this week (http://www.mcg.edu/news/beeper/) and she's enjoying her little bit of celebrity. She is definitely hitting her stride at school and looks forward to it every day. We are also trying to learn German. Mollie has a good memory for vocabulary, but it's difficult to try to teach sentences.

Mollie has been enjoying her birthday gifts...it's been an "extended" birthday, with something special arriving in the mail each day since the beginning of March. No wonder her new favorite activity is checking the mailbox!! In the photo, Mollie is with her doll, Kirsten. They are wearing matching German dirndls- the one Mollie has on was mine, brought by my grandpa from Germany when I was little, and the one on the doll was handmade by my great aunt Nancy. She has made a whole wardrobe for Mollie's doll!

Our friends Pam and Brandon had a baby boy on St. Patrick's day and Mollie wants to see him, so that's probably what we're up to this weekend.


A Letter from Frank (re: St. Baldrick's)

For the past five (5) years, I've asked your assistance for Kids with Cancer and you have responded with incredible generosity - $25,000. Despite the financial difficulties we face today you again donated over $5,000 for these wonderful children - this one was for you Mollie.

You are all so very kind, loving, generous and wonderful. You're "Beeee-ooo-ti-ful" and I'm Bald.

I can't thank you enough for your continued support of these children. St. Baldricks has raised over $8 million dollars to date but we have a long way to go. If you haven't had an opportunity to donate, please don't hesitate to do so. Simply click on the link. It will take only a few minutes and a few dollars.


I love you all and sincerely appreciate all those you were able to contribute to making this year's event a phenomenal success for Mollie.

Peace be with you now and always.
Frank "Cookie" Mannino


Wearing o' the green

Mollie loves any holiday that requires special wardrobe. Here she is all ready for school.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Party Time!

We had Mollie's birthday party yesterday at a local pizza joint. Mollie doesn't like pizza, but she wanted to go there. They have a game room, like a miniature Chuck-E-Cheese, where you win tickets and get prizes. It was her best birthday party yet! Matt had this to say,

"I am so proud of Mollie - we explained to her that it would be easier for her friends to attend the party if we asked them not to bring presents - at first she did not like the idea, but eventually warmed to it. Of course, all the kids had a great time, and there were a few that did come that I suspect would not have if we had not explicitly asked everyone not to bring gifts. Mollie learned a great lesson along the way, that the enjoyment of being with her friends was the most important aspect, not what presents she might get. I know she felt special and thoroughly enjoyed herself."

No having gifts didn't detract from the festivities AT ALL.

This week is starting off well for Mollie- we've been giving her Zofran to cut down on the nausea and it is working like a charm!