F & N

Fever and neutropenia, that is.  They should call it effin' N.

Mollie is in the hospital.  She has a very low ANC (~30; remember, normal is >1500) and a very high fever (103).  We consulted with the oncologist on call in Augusta and he said to take her to the children's hospital in Charlotte.  I had hoped it would be an in and out trip, but that wasn't in the cards.  Levine Children's Hospital is every bit as good as MCG, but we just are not familiar with their staff and protocols.  The port access did not go well (it never does in the ER) and she had to get stuck twice.  But child life (Shannon) was awesome!  She brought Mollie a movie, stuffed animal, and blanket and got her talking about her new Scooby Doo silly bands.  I am so, so proud of Mollie.  Scared as she was, she didn't shed a tear. My heart sunk when I heard that her white blood cell count was only 0.5 because I knew that earned her an admission.

She is feeling pretty low right now and my heart is breaking for her.  She will miss her second week at her new school. And she was designated the star student for this week!  She had her poster and show and tell all ready to go.  I will head back to the hospital in the morning with a bunch of stuff to keep her busy.  Today she was interested in doing math in the ER!!

I am feeling insecure because these aren't the doctors I know and they don't know Mollie.  However, deep down I don't care who is treating her; I just want her fever to come down and ANC to go up, up, up!!


  1. I am sorry that Mollie is in the hospital.

    Hugs and prayers to you,

  2. Effin' N is right!

    I am so mad for you guys. What a trooper Mollie is, and LOL on wanting to do math!

    Hugs and I wish you guys a short stay!

  3. Wants to do math in the hospital! Whose child is she? Oh, right! Wishing everyone the best. Do you have any idea how long her stay will be? I'll send her some flowers or balloons tomorrow. Sunday night isn't a good time for that.
    On second thought she probably can't have flowers (I recall that from past experiences) so we'll just go with balloons and whatever the gift shop has.
    Love you all. Mollie is so brave and strong.

  4. Well, shit. I've been following little Miss Mollie for a while now, ever since you signed Rowan's site. I am so very sorry that you've had this big bump in the road so close to the end of treatment, and in a brand new environment to boot. Hang in there, she'll be okay. It's just another pit stop on the pedi cancer journey, and she will be right as rain in no time. Keep on keepin' on! Big hugs from Mesa, AZ. Michele, Roro's mommy

  5. Loving and missing you guys. Sending healing thoughts to Mollie. Sarah, if you need me to come to Charlotte this weekend to help, let me know. I mean that. Don't hesitate to call me.


  6. Mollie looked so healthy and happy in that picture you posted last week on her first day of school!! I'm so sorry she's having to be in the hospital. Sure hope her fever goes down and everything goes back to normal. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

    Theresa (Matt's 2nd cousin)

  7. Anita and I just read your post. We are thinking of you guys and hope Mollie comes home soon to get back to school. Hang in there!

    No baby news yet. Scheduled to have a C on Friday if he hasn't flipped. Miss you.

  8. Oh Sarah! What a shame. We are sending you all good thoughts and hugs, for yourself as well as for Mollie!

  9. Oh, yuck. This, too, shall pass, I know, but it doesn't seem quite right that this should happen so close to the end of the journey and to freedom. Grrrrr...We'll do the ANC dance for you tonight...

    the Kelleys

  10. Oh this makes me sad. I'm glad your spirits seem to be up-- a positive attitude undoubtedly helps both you and her, so nice work :) Let me know if there's any way to help from this end.

    Lots of love from DC.


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