Fever (Now Updated)

Well, I am writing this post from the ER. Mollie awoke with a fever and cough this morning; we were directed here since the clinic isn't open on the weekends. She is receiving rocephin (antibiotic) right now, and we are waiting on a CBC. As long as her counts are good, she will not be admitted.

We haven't been to the ER in a while and now I am reminded why I hate it. The rooms are uncomfortable and it is really, really busy today. Once we actually got into a room, the first thing they did was make a mistake! A nurse walked in and gave Mollie a dose of Benedryl... instead of Tylenol! It happened so fast, I didn't even realize it until after she swallowed it. Now, I feel like I need to stand guard a the door and ask a million questions before anyone comes in. And, of course, I've made several phone calls to file complaints.

It was also a very difficult port access. The two nurses who did it were wonderful, but they couldn't get a blood flash on the first try, when Mollie was sitting in a chair. They wanted her to lay on the exam table to try a second time. Mollie is not used to this and *freaked out*. But, they got it on the second try and once everything was in place, Mollie said she didn't even feel them put the needle in!

Right now, she's watching Snow White, coloring, and waiting for the rocephin IV to finish. We all just want to go home. We are hoping and praying that Mollie's counts come back fine.

So, the update. Mollie's ANC is over 2000 (2160), which is good. All the docs are thinking this is some kind of upper respiratory viral infection (pretty much like the last 2 times she has had fever). She's home playing with some new (pink) Legos now. She is in good spirits and probably just needs a little time to rest and recuperate. The "plan" is for us to check with oncology on Monday and if she seems better, we will go in on Weds. as planned for her monthly chemo.

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Special Person

Mollie was the "special person of the day" for her class yesterday. She got to do a couple of special things, including show and tell. I was surprised that she wanted to bring in a picture of herself with no hair and a picture of Lucy and her together. She brought a small album of photos from January and February, when her hair was just starting to grow back in. She said her friends ooohed and awwwed at the pictures and then she said, "Wow, I am a hero!"

Mollie wasn't feeling well last night or this morning, but she seems great this afternoon. The star lab, a mobile planetarium, was at her school today. Sounds like she really enjoyed learning about constellations. She has a Daisy scout event tomorrow: picking up trash in a local nature park. She's looking forward to wearing her boots and helping the Earth.

We got Boo'd yesterday! That's where a neighbor leaves a little Halloween treat bag on your porch and you have to make treat bags for two other neighbors until the whole neighborhood has been Boo'd. Kinda cheesy, but Mollie really loved making and delivering the treat bags to other neighbors this afternoon.

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Thank You!

Last week I sent an e mail to the organizer of the Augusta Light the Night Walk saying that we were going to participate in the walk, but we wouldn't be doing any fundraising this year; we had too many other things to do and didn't have the time. But, I decided to put a link here on the website and on Facebook anyway.

Within 5 days, thanks to family and friends, some whom we haven't seen in over a decade, we raised $1100 in honor of Mollie!

The walk was a wonderful celebration of life and hope. White balloons were for survivors and red balloons were for supporters. Many teams carried gold balloons in memory of those who have died from this horrible disease. Mollie asked what the gold balloons were for and we explained. She seemed satisfied with a simple explanation, but it is always really hard talking about people dying from the same disease she has. Really hard.

Mollie walked just about the whole way- she rode in the wagon for the last little bit. Both girls had a lot of fun at the celebration before the walk- they jumped in the bounce house, got balloons from a clown, and Mollie got her face painted.

As a thank you, we have 6 T-shirts to give away. For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post by Friday, Oct. 9. I will pick winners on Sat. morning. Make sure I have your e mail address so I know how to contact you. Donors will be automatically entered.