The Story of Mollie's First Lost Tooth

Too excited to hold still for a picture!

See that gap? Mollie's wiggly tooth came out last Weds. night!

She was brushing her teeth when she started screaming, "Mama! My tooth is GONE!" I thought it had gone down the drain or something, but there it was in the sink (she meant gone from her mouth!)

So the tooth fairy came and brought her a silver dollar and a certificate; after school, she got a flower delivery! She was also the first in her class to lose a tooth, so she brought her certificate in for show and tell.

Losing the first tooth is definitely a major milestone in growing up. Time is really flying, but it makes me so happy to see Mollie experiencing these normal phases.

Mollie goes to clinic to have her counts checked tomorrow. Two more weeks until the next spinal tap. She has developed a cough over the last week, so we will be sure to mention that tomorrow and see if they want to do anything. She has not had a fever, but she is pretty congested. I'm expecting that to have some effect on her ANC, but hopefully not enough to reduce her dose of chemo.


Zoo & Baby!

The last few days have been great! Mollie is back to enjoying school without being too tired. She has a loose tooth (and I mean LOOSE), so the tooth fairy is preparing to make a visit sometime soon.

Mollie wanted to celebrate being off steroids by going to the zoo on Sunday, so off we went. It was hot and Mollie and Lucy both seemed a little subdued, but I think they had a nice time anyway. The best part was how Mollie spent her "Safari bucks" at the souvenir shop. She spent forever in the store trying to pick something for Lucy and herself, but "they just didn't have that many baby things that Lucy would like". She finally settled on some glow-in-the-dark frogs and they were both pleased. She's such a good big sister.

So, things are back to normal around here. Mollie goes in for a routine hearing and vision test tomorrow afternoon and then back to clinic for a count check next week (she is back on Septra, so Beth wants to make sure it is not suppressing her ANC).

In other exciting news (and if I know you in real life you probably already know this), we are expecting a baby, due in January! Mollie has really been expressing a lot of interest in holding & feeding the baby and wondering if it is going to be smaller than Lucy (I hope so!).

Here's a picture of Mollie in the school outfit that her chemo angel sent her: