Clinic Update

Mollie is doing great! This morning started off a little rough with Mollie having a mini-meltdown about what she was going to wear and some spilled milk (in the car) on the way to clinic.

But things improved when we got to clinic. It wasn't crowded, and Mollie didn't fuss about her finger prick. I don't know whether it was the 2 packages of Oreos she ate in the clinic or the snow (yes, snow!) outside, but both girls were in a great mood.

Mollie's counts are great... ANC = 2200 and platelets and RBCs in the normal range. The plan is to continue the drugs she's on now and go back in 2 weeks for chemo and an echocardiogram (the check for any negative effects of the chemo on her heart function).



Weekend happenings

Well, Mollie fought off the cold and had a nice weekend. We went bowling on Saturday and the highlight for Mollie was buying a Hershey bar out of the vending machine. Unfortunately, Lucy ended up with a fever and cough so she's been a cranky bug most of the weekend.

Mollie and Lucy both slept over at our friends' house Sat. night so Matt and I had an enjoyable evening eating burritos, watching some Netflix, and then we got to sleep. And even sleep IN! Today, we went up to a children's museum, EdVenture, in Columbia, SC with Michelle and Isabella. The museum was pretty neat; Mollie's favorite part was the kid sized grocery market. She spent a lot of time in there shopping, checking out, and restocking the shelves. Isabella liked the African drums in the Timbuktu exhibit. Both girls had a great time jumping in the stomach of Eddie, the worlds largest child.

Tomorrow morning we are off to clinic to get Mollie's counts. We're hoping for a good ANC, but I won't be surprised if it's a little low since she's been fighting off that cold. Then later this week we will celebrate Lucy's birthday! She has been such a little trooper, going to almost all of Mollie's clinic and hospital visits!

Please send your good thoughts and prayers to our friends Katie and Molly.