Normal days

Mollie is really enjoying being normal. Now that her hair is growing back, people sometimes think she's a boy (yes, even when she's wearing dresses). It doesn't seem to bother her if it is adults, but she does NOT want her friends to think she looks like a boy. Luckily, she's got some great friends, a great attitude, and fast growing hair!

Last week, the child life specialist and two interns did a special presentation/project with Mollie's class to help the kids become a little more aware of Mollie's special needs. Mollie loved it! They didn't single her out or talk about cancer, they just talked about medicine in general and some of the side effects of "strong medicine." The child life staff people are awesome!

Mollie is very excited to have her grandparents (both sets) and aunts and uncles visiting this weekend for Lucy's baptism. She said, "Maybe when all of them come you and daddy can have a vacation?" Um, yeah right. But it will be great to see everyone, especially Uncle Sam who has just arrived home from Iraq.