Signing off for Christmas

With Christmas and Mollie's Wish trip on the agenda, I am going to take a short blog break.  I promise I'll be back after Christmas with some photos of all the festivities. 

We got some bad news today about our house in Augusta- a pipe burst and there is major water damage.  I really struggled to get through today, wondering if this was my straw (the straw that broke the camel's back).  In my mind, I know things could be a lot worse (I'm thinking of families getting a devastating diagnosis or losing a precious child).  This doesn't compare, but this still feels pretty bad.  Thanks to my awesome husband for driving down there to see the damage in person and talking me through a big cry fest (you too, mom). 

The kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement, so for now, I won't worry about money or insurance, and I vow to just be present and enjoy them. 

We hope everyone enjoys the winter holidays, however you celebrate!


Full Weekend

Mollie stayed home from school on Friday.  She just seemed worn out and in need of some extra rest.  So she slept in and spent some time watching movies and just being indoors and quiet.    She still almost fell asleep at the dinner table.

Fortunately, she perked up Saturday morning and we went downtown to see Matt finish his first ever marathon!  It was a beautiful (cold) day. We had a delicious lunch afterward and I got my last bit of Christmas shopping done while Matt took the girls home. 

We ended the day by watching the DVD that Camp Rainbow sent from this year's camp.  It was fun trying to spot Mollie and see some of the activities she did at camp (like catching huge fish with Dr. Vega).

Today we attended a Christmas party for CampCARE (similar to Camp Rainbow but here in NC).  Mollie and Lucy got to confer with Santa and get their photos taken (I will post when I get it).  And then Lisa, our Make-a-wish volunteer, came by with a light-up princess cake and all of our info for the DisneyWorld trip!  So we had cake for dinner and pasta and salad for dessert!