Merry Christmas!

We wish a very happy Christmas to all our friends and family, near and far! This year has been wonderful and challenging and we are so thankful for the prayers and support (physical & emotional) we have. We don't always get the chance to respond to the e mails, phone calls, letters, etc., but please know how much we appreciate them!

Here's to a joyous holiday for everyone and healthy, happy new year!


All Is Well

We're still a family of 4, but expecting this baby any day now. Matt got a fortune cookie the other night that said:

A short stranger will soon enter your life with blessings to share.

We are still waiting.

Mollie is now officially on winter break. Saturday, she and I went to see the Nutcracker at USC Aiken. She had a great time and was pleased to get a lot of comments about how cute her outfit was (she picked it out). The camera is already packed in the car ready for the hospital trip.... I guess I'll have to pull it out and post a picture! We were going to grab a bite to eat and then head home, but decided to go see the Christmas lights in Hopelands Gardens. We had attempted to do this last weekend, but they were closed due to inclement weather so we decided to take advantage of the clear (but cold) night. Matt and Lucy met us for dinner and light-viewing. We also ran in to some friends we hadn't seen in a while... so it was a good visit.

Mollie and Lucy are both feeling good, full of Christmas spirit, and enjoying having grandpa here visiting. We baked cookies last night and plan to decorate them today.