School's Out

Waiting for the bus on the last day of school

It is so hard for me to believe this school year over! I can remember how nervous I felt in the weeks leading up to Mollie's first day of kindergarten. There are so many people who have made this year special- Mr. B the bus driver, Mrs. Swenson and Mrs. Partridge, Mollie's teachers, Michelle for running Girl Scouts, plus the school nurse, secretary, and the parents in Mollie's class.

My sweet little pre-schooler has turned into a toothless, shoe-tying, adding and subtracting reader who is ready for first grade! Watch out world!

We are really going to miss Stevens Creek; it will be hard for any other school to measure up.


Cancer Club

Our bathroom is done and I am trying to get our last 2 projects finished: house painting and yard work. Any volunteers? I am having all sorts of mixed emotions right now. I miss my husband when he stays up in Charlotte. I really don't want to move, but it is time to stop prolonging the inevitable and just get on with it now.

Yesterday I met with 3 other cancer moms and their kids at a local park (not clinic!) to hang out. This was not a formal support group (we don't have one here), just a meeting of friends. It was so nice to be among kindred spirits for the whole afternoon. Even though we all come from different backgrounds and have different families and lifestyles, we are all in the same club. They get it. We don't have to explain to each other.

Our conversations drifted from how much fast food we eat while in the hospital to long term fears to sillybands. It helps to know that other moms have days where they just. can't. do. anything. Except cry. They also wonder why this happened to their child, are interested in environmental explanations (drinking water, air, organic foods), and wish that they had more help & more money.

School is winding down, my dad is coming to help out for a few weeks, and hopefully we will make some forward progress in the next few months. We really need the real estate fairies to help us out!!


18 Innings

Beth (oncology NP) thinks Mollie's headaches are her sinuses, so we're signed up for another 7 days of antibiotics. I hope this clears everything up: Mollie has not had headaches for the last 2 days and I want them to stay gone!

I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that we went to a Greenjackets game on Sunday (our local minor league baseball team). It was Liam's first baseball game and it was quite an introduction to baseball: a scoreless game for 18 innings. 18!! Our neighbors came too and the girls (Mollie, Isabella, and Lucy) had a great time until the 15th, when Isabella and family left. We had to work on keeping Mollie happy for another 3 innings, but we all made it through the whole game and got to run the bases afterward.


Last Week of Kindergarten

We had a good trip to Charlotte over the weekend- I think we've found a house/school district and now we can actually move forward with our move (take the next steps). It is much easier to be a first-time home buyer, I think. I am impressed at how well behaved Mollie and Lucy were while we looked at house after house.

Mollie's cough is still present and she also told me she has been having headaches. She's been fuzzy about the details, but they seem to come on suddenly and only last for a few minutes and they are in her temples. I hope it is sinus headache, but I have notified the oncologists and will follow up today with them.

Mollie starts her last week of school today! She is in such a great mood- I hope she has a terrific week!