Cast Off

I miss Mollie so much and can't wait to hear about all her adventures when she comes home tomorrow.

It was an adventurous week for us too-- Lucy got her cast removed on Weds.  It was much worse than when they put it on. She was scared and uncomfortable and cried, screamed, or whined for a solid 4 hours.  She still walks like she has a broken leg- partly from the physical pain due to it being immobilized for almost 4 weeks, but the rest is psychological.  She's moving around pretty well and really, really enjoying baths and showers.

The movers are coming to pack on Tuesday!  To say we aren't ready is an understatement, but it is really happening.  Yikes!


Off to Camp

By now, Mollie is at camp!

The camp is about a 2 hour bus ride from Augusta.  Everyone meets up at the hospital to check in, hand over their medications, and get on the bus. Some kids are giddy with excitement and others are really shy and reluctant to leave their parents.  Mollie was sort of indifferent when we first arrived; she recognized her buddy Zackary, but he was in a funk because of his cabin assignment (but he did have cool blue hair!). 

But when Katie arrived, Mollie lit up!  Katie and Mollie were in the same cabin last year (and went to the same elementary school), so it was a great reunion.  After chatting a bit, the two went in search of other girls in their cabin.  I overheard them introduce themselves to one little girl by saying, "And what do you have?  A port?  I had seven shots- 3 in my legs and 2 in each arm. "  And so on and so on.  That sums up why this camp is so important. 

The drop off is also a mini reunion for parents. Next year I need to remember to bring some folding chairs and cool drinks!



Happy 4th of July! 

We ran errands, stopped for delicious all-American burgers @ Five Guys, and lit sparklers at home.  A modest nod to our nation's birthday was all that we could muster this year.

Mollie gets her own independence this week- she leaves for Camp Rainbow tomorrow!  She is a little worried about missing us while she is gone.  We have sent her lots of letters and packed photos of all of us for her to look at if she feels homesick.  I think she'll be fine, but she has needed some extra reassurance.  She's one year older, more self-aware, and we haven't been spending much time around the hospital lately (thank goodness).  Plus we have the upcoming move (scheduled for the week after camp) and all the uncertainty that comes with it, so she is dealing with a lot emotionally.  I hope camp goes off without a hitch because she really deserves that special experience!