Teeny Tiny Turle

Well, the dry, cooler weather has disappeared and it has been hot and humid around here. It rained pretty hard last night and Lucy and I found this baby turtle right by the porch this morning. It looked a little bedraggled, like it might have been washed into the yard by the storm.

We kept corralled all day (don't worry, it was very comfy and shaded) so that Mollie could see it when she got home from school. She thought it was adorable and had fun watching it for a while this afternoon. Then she released it into the bushes... hopefully he'll find a nice safe place to hide!

Mollie has been experiencing nausea the last few mornings, but other than that, she seems to have plenty of energy and is feeling great. Next up for her, medically, is a flu shot next week. She's not looking forward to it (who is?), but we will make sure she gets a surprise from the present box.

Which reminds me, we really have wonderful friends and family. We still have quite a few presents left in the box (Mollie gets to pick one each time she goes to clinic); many of these were sent last year shortly after Mollie's diagnosis (I first peaked into the packages and made sure we opened the ones that were specific sizes or seasonal). And there's been a steady flow throughout the year; besides chemo angels, Mollie gets regular packages from my friend Genevieve, who keeps Mollie well informed about fairies (I should write a whole separate post about all the wonderful fairy things Gen has sent), my aunt and uncle in Colorado (usually with good books and coloring items), and Sally's friend in California, who has been sending Mollie little pieces of her "Muffy and Hoppy" collection of stuffed animals with adorable little outfits and accessories. And that's just to name a few!!

We know how time consuming it can be to wrap up packages and get to the post office and send them. We sincerely thank each and every one of you! It is so precious to see the smile on Mollie's face when she gets something in the mail or a surprise from the present box!


Autumn Begins

Mollie had a fabulous day at school today; thank goodness the steroids are over with for now!

I had great conference with her teacher this morning. We were going down the list of kindergarten skills and got to "Listens carefully" and "Works quietly" and Mrs. S said, "Oh yeah. Mollie is NEVER going to be a behavior problem!" So, she's right where she should be and more importantly, she enjoys school.

Today was a perfect fall day. There was a slight breeze, no humidity, and the air just felt clean. The only thing missing was a chill in the air (it was 80 degrees here). Mollie and Lucy played out in the yard until dinnertime. Mollie pulled Lucy around in the wagon (Lucy loves this!), they played in the sandbox, and they collected acorns, twigs, and leaves for a fall nature display. Afterward, we made a quick run to the store and then baked and frosted Matt's birthday cake. It truly was a lovely evening!

Special note to Chemo Angels Susan and Belle: Mollie loves the sleep mask! She wore it in the car and then to bed!


Look at that hair!

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