We had a delightful weekend last weekend, filled with appreciation of the lovely fall weather and a ~3 mile hike on the pinnacles trail at a nearby state park topped off by a fall harvest doughnut!  Matt and I were so impressed that Mollie hiked the whole 3 miles without complaint.  It was moderately strenuous, but Mollie was skipping and running and picking up trash.  Lucy, on the other hand, was worn out after the first mile.  She ended up getting carried (and our backs are still feeling it).

Observing Mollie's stamina now makes us realize just how much the chemo affected her.  For the past 2.5 years of treatment, she didn't appear to experience too many side effects; yes, she lost her hair and had the occasional bout of nausea, but for the most part, she was very good-natured and you could not tell she was on chemotherapy.  But comparing her energy level now with just a few months ago, the difference is very apparent.  We are having fun with our strong, vivacious girl!

Despite her apparent good health,  this week found me worrying about Mollie.  Wednesday afternoon we went to the pediatrician to get her flu shot.  Before giving her the shot, they took her temp (standard procedure since the flu shot itself can sometimes produce a fever as an adverse reaction).  100.1- a fever!  Panic set in and I called oncology right away.  Their advice was to watch and wait.  If it stayed up for more than 24 hours, bring her in.  That evening, the temp came down, but Mollie started complaining of leg pain.  A low-grade fever and leg pain are classic symptoms of leukemia.  All I could think was relapse, relapse, relapse.  No fever on Thursday or Friday either (although my favorite Vicks thermometer had a dead battery so I was relying on the back up).  A friend encouraged me to get a CBC if it would make me feel better (thanks for the support Michele) and our pediatrician indulged my request (thanks Dr. L) when we took her in Friday for her flu shot.  Her counts look fine!  An unexpected bonus in all this is that the lab drew Mollie's blood from her arm.  She has been more scared of this than almost anything else (all her blood draws have been through her central line or finger sticks in the last 2 years), but she did it and she was fine.  So, according to Mollie, she's ready to get her port removed.

Mollie was ecstatic (Lucy too) last night because her bff Isabella (and family) came from Augusta to visit and walk with us in the Walk For Wishes.  They had a blast playing together at our house and Matt and I really enjoyed spending time with Marv and Michelle.  Goodness, we miss them all!  The kids had fun walking around the empty amusement park this morning and eating doughnuts afterwards.  The walk raised over $65,000 for Make-a-Wish!  Thanks to everyone who donated!

Mollie cried all the way home because she was sad to leave her best friend... but uncle Sam is coming to visit tomorrow so that will provide a good distraction. 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I am so thankful for friends near and far.

Post -script:  Hmmm... I just noticed I mentioned doughnuts twice in one post.  We hardly ever have doughnuts, so how did this happen?  Just lucky, I guess!