Wishes and Heroes

Mollie's drawing of herself, in earmuffs, on a sunny day with Lucy, five smiling hearts, a cloud, and a big face.

Yesterday, was a good day.

Mollie's "wish coordinators" from Make-a-wish dropped by to say that Mollie will be getting her playhouse! She'll even get to invite all her friends to a house-warming party after it is installed. That will probably happen sometime in May. Now she is thinking about what she wants in the house.... kitchen, curtains, flower boxes, a fireplace. I think she wants it to be a like a little princess/storybook cottage. Do princesses live in cottages?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the local Leukemia and Lymphoma Society chapter asked Mollie to be an Honored Hero for their Team In Training (TNT) season. TNT is a program that allows people to train for an athletic endurance event (marathons, triathalons, etc) while raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The meeting was great- it was impressive to see so many people interested in both supporting the LLS and improving their own health / setting a fitness goal. Mollie was a little shy, but after eating cookies and running around for a little while, she decide to participate in "Blood Cancer 101."

We left the decision of whether to participate as Honored Hero up to Mollie, but we didn't even present it to her until after some serious thought. This is an honor that nobody wants (you have to have a blood cancer) and I don't want to make Mollie feel like she's obligated to do these kinds of things just because she has cancer. At the same time, if we can do anything to help or prevent other families from going through the same thing, we'll do it. There is nothing good about cancer, so we have to make good things come out of it. We got to meet some new people (even a long time leukemia survivor), eat some treats, and see others helping people just like Mollie. And I found out that TNT has raised over $800 million for the LLS since it began. Wow.

My sister's friend is running a half marathon this weekend for TNT in California- Go Dianne!


We're back

We just got back from a great mini- vacation in the North Georgia Blue Ridge mountains. We stayed at a cozy log cabin isolated from everything (4 wd required). Mollie had fun roasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate, and lounging by the fire.

Last week, Mollie did great at school. She has just jumped right back in like she never missed a day. She seemed concerned about her hair at first, but doesn't say much about it any more. She's more interested in talking about who likes High School Musical and who she played with at school. About the cancer, clinic, and all that other stuff: she says she doesn't really talk about it because the other kids wouldn't understand. She's right about that!