The after effects

Well, Mollie is now off of steroids, but we are still feeling the effects in full-force! She ate two bows of pesto pasta for breakfast this morning (about 1.5 hours ago) and is now asking for grapes, chips, cheese, pretzels, and a tortilla! She has a bit of a "moon" face and is still very emotional.

And her hair is falling out again. She doesn't seem too phased by it- we have been talking about how it would fall out again for a few months. She is worried about her eyelashes falling out but I told her we could get her some sparkly false eyelashes if that happened; that made her feel better.

We went in to clinic for a CBC on Tues. and Mollie's ANC is 500. That's up a bit from last week, but still very low. It has to be 750 in order to continue with DI next week. I am hoping she makes the cut-off -I think we would all like to get this rolling before Christmas. Her platelets and red cells are low, but still sufficient.

Also, we were invited to participate in the radiothon next week. This fundraiser helps raise money for Children's Medical Center. I'll post the details in a few days.

This morning we talked about being thankful- here is Mollie's list:

my adorable little sister, Lucy
Isabella and Izzy
my toys
food, especially the kind they have at the hospital
my grandparents
mommy and daddy, a little bit
the doctors
food (again)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


One more dose

of dexamethasone (steroids). Just tonight and that's it for a few weeks.

Mollie stared off the day with a two bowls of pesto pasta, but ate a bowl of tomato soup for lunch! Hurray for variety!

She is really miserable- tired, indecisive, and cranky. Coming off the steroids is even more difficult, but at least my parents are here. We go back to clinic tomorrow for a CBC- we're hoping her counts are up so we can go do some holiday activities this weekend.