day 5 update

I'm headed to bed soon so I can meet my parents at the airport early tomorrow morning but I wanted to quickly update.

Mollie spiked a fever around mid-day and was feeling bad while the fever was up, but once it came down (with tylenol) she perked right up.  We did lots of crafts, painted her nails, watched Tinkerbell, washed her hair (the part of it that she would let me), and kept our minds off the hospital surroundings.  Mollie, Lucy, and I did the white blood cell ANC cheer before I headed for home tonight and apparently Mollie is drawing pictures of white blood cells right now.  We believe that attitude is very important and we are all visualizing the white blood cell factory in Mollie's marrow.

I realized I got quite a few phone calls from friends and family today and I apologize for not answering:  the reception is really bad in that room so I will try to get back to you in the next few days.

Please keep praying for a boost in Mollie's ANC!


  1. So glad your parents are coming. Looking forward to sharing and hearing good news tomorrow.


  2. Ugh! that you are still in the hospital but YAY that Mollie gets to have g-parents visiting and that you are all working on keeping up the positive thoughts. I am thinking them from all the way up here on the other side of the country in the NW. Maybe this is the storm before the calm.

  3. Praying, praying, and more praying. Let Mollie know that I had a dream about her last night. Her and I were swimming in Lake Tahoe and singing "Part of Your World". I know it was two summers ago, but maybe she will remember. Sarah, I love you so much, and I wish that I could be there to hug you. Thank you for the updates. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  4. Definitely sending good thoughts and praying for counts to come up. I was one of the people that called ... don't worry about calling me back unless you need me for something. I am really glad your parents are there. I am sure that will be a big help.


  5. Cheering you on from a distance and hoping to get good news from the spinal--I hope that your long day will end with reassuring news and that Mollie's marrow is busy cranking out the good stuff.

    the Kelleys

  6. Sarah, I just keep saying little prayers for you guys, what a week. Sending all the positive thoughts possible. Jeanene


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