From the hospital, day 4

The only good news is that her white blood cells (overall) and her platelets are up slightly.  It looks like we are here for a long stay.

Mollie has not had a fever since yesterday, but she still has the itchy rash.  The lab lost Mollie's blood sample this morning so we didn't get her counts until just now:  ANC is 0.  She has a spinal tap and bone marrow aspirate scheduled for Friday if her counts don't show any sign of recovery by then.  The doc said he expects to see counts start to recover after two weeks of being off chemo; if they don't, he likes to do an LP & bma to rule out a recurrence of the leukemia.   We NEED those counts to come up.

I don't think she is relapsing because her counts always take a long time to recover when they bottom out, but I admit I am worried.  I am trying not to dwell on it because it is what it is- worrying won't help.

Mollie was in pretty good spirits today- she is into beading (it keeps her hands busy and not scratching her rash) and crafts as usual.  Today she painted a birdhouse and made some little fuzzy creatures from a kit I had.  And she got a good laugh when we made Liam sit on a whoopie cushion!!

Getting her to eat is a struggle and I still haven't succeeded in bathing her.  I'm feeling down; this is not at all what I had planned for this week.  We were supposed to go to Augusta for Mollie's blood draw and then celebrate the end of treatment by going on a camping trip this weekend.  The only thing that matters, though, is that Mollie beats this.  So we press on and hope that she has a relaxing night while her bone marrow cranks out neutrophils.  I brought a lavender sachet for her pillow to give her sweet dreams (thanks for the tip, Michelle).


  1. Praying for a speedy recovery, Mollie. Hope you get sprung soon!


    Auntie K

  2. Mollie...
    We are all thinking and praying that you feel better real soon! Cole & Jordan keep up on your blog also and want to send out a big 'Hello' and Hug! Wishing you all the best!! Love, Mike, Molly, Cole and Jordan

  3. I am also praying and thinking of you.


  4. I just got so emotional reading this... I am praying for you guys. Come on Neutrophils get cracking!

    I hope you get to do all the things you had planned soon!

  5. Mollie Mollie - get better soon! I'm thinking a lot about all you guys. Tell Mollie I saw a moose today - a really BIG mamma moose! It was awesome! I'm glad you guys are going to Orlando, you'll love it, can't wait for it to be december and for you all to get a good holiday away together!

    Okay, i'll go do an ANC dance in the Alaskan rain for you, see if that helps!


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