Weekend Happenings

This weekend we went up to Snow Hill Farm (a few hours drive from us, in South Carolina) to visit Mollie's great-grandparents, Mollie and Charles. It was great-grandpa's 88th birthday, so uncles Robert and Jim and Matt's brother and his wife came for the festivities as well.

Mollie had a fun time visiting with everybody and she caught two fish, including a 16 inch catfish, with her Barbie pole! It was nice to be away from internet, cell phones, and TV and just hang out. Mollie and Lucy did a lot of coloring and running around.

Mollie is back at school this week, with a spinal tap scheduled for next week. She is adjusting very well to the challenges of school: getting up early, navigating relationships with her classmates, jumping right back in after missing a few days here and there. I have truly amazed at how well she is handling everything. We have a conference with her teacher next week and I'm eager to get her input.