Mid-cycle count check

Mollie had clinic today to check her blood cell counts. They increased her chemo dosage to 125% last time so we had to return for counts after 2 weeks to see how well she tolerated the new dosage.

Numbers are perfect:
WBC: 1500
Hgb: 11
Plt: 228
ANC: 1200

We saw Ethan in clinic- he was the LLS honored hero at the same time as Mollie last year. He was at the clinic for his 5 years off treatment check up! Wow. He was diagnosed in 5th grade and he just completed his first year at Ga Tech. Love those happy endings!! Go Ethan!

We have been busy enjoying summer around here- playing in the sandbox, splashing in the wading pool, going to the park and library, eating ice cream, catching fireflies, and staying up late. My dad headed back home today and we are really going to miss him!