from the hospital, day 6

I won't keep you waiting- no evidence of leukemia in Mollie's bone marrow or csf specimens!

She had her procedures this afternoon- a lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspirate, skin biopsy (of the rash), nasal swab, and got her port access needle replaced.  She got some morphine for the pain associated with the bma and biopsy, so hopefully she will remain comfortable tonight.

We still don't know what is making her sick- there is increasing evidence that it is some type of virus. Matt and I are breathing a huge sigh of relief, so thankful that there is no recurrence of the leukemia.  I hope we never have to go through that again!  No family should have to.  The fear, anxiety, and worry is just awful.

Settling in for another night in patient (well, Matt and Mollie will be staying here).  I did not think that this would be my post for Mollie's last day of treatment...  but I am so, so glad that the news today is positive.


  1. Big sighs of relief from AZ! Mollie was the first thought when I woke up today; thank you so much for updating and letting us know the very good news. A truly happy last day of treatment!!! Drink some wine tonight, and snuggle up your two little ones while Matt snuggles Mollie. You are so very blessed. Abrazos grandes from me to you, Michele, Rowan's mommy

  2. Thank goodness for the good news! You all need to catch some rest tonight!
    Dru Swenson

  3. Great!! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers that this virus goes away soon. Can you send your address to me (I lost the paper Mollie gave us)? Bella wants to put together a package for Mollie. We love and miss you all very much.


  4. I am so SO glad there is no evidence of leukemia! Thank you so much for updating you guys were on my mind all day.

  5. I am so happy to hear the news! You must be thrilled!

    I sent something in the mail today, although it is a long weekend here, so it probably won't get there until the end of next week!

    Tricia :)

  6. Three cheers for no sign of leukemia, but oh I hope they soon find the root of the fever--6 days in the hospital is a real drag, a definite strain, for everyone! We are sending prayers, hugs and all good wishes in your direction--to Mollie, but also to you, Sarah and Matt.

  7. Whew! So happy to read this. Get some good rest tonight. I am praying for everything to get better ASAP, and that Miss Mollie Girl gets to come home soon...like, now, darn it! ;-) Love you guys. So much!

  8. PS: We would love your new address when you get a chance. William has been painting up a storm for Mollie.

  9. So so happy the test results are back and were good - phew! It might not be the location you were hoping for for this moment, but the outcome is fantastic! Now just to kick this virus in the booty!


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