Showing courage means being brave at something.  That's what it means to me!  I like courage!  Don't give up!
       ~Mollie Carroll King

Today Mollie received the character education award for her class at the monthly school assembly.  The character trait she displayed to earn the award was courage!  Her fellow students voted that she should get the award and she was taken by surprise at the assembly today.  These children never knew her during her cancer treatment, so clearly she's making it known that she is a brave girl!  We are so proud of her!

Have a lovely spring weekend!

Egg carton daffodils and a found bird's nest bring a little spring indoors


Clinic Update & More

Updated to add...  NO MORE SEPTRA!  Can't believe I forgot to mention that.  I asked Dr. J. for a new prescription and how much longer Mollie would be taking septra/bactrimHe said 6 months.  I said it had been 6 months.  Well, okay then.  No more pills for Mollie!!!

Goodness!  More than 2 weeks since my last post... days have been busy around our house.
My parents were here visiting, which we all enjoyed.  Now it is time for cleaning out wardrobes, storing the coats and winter things, and getting ready for warmer weather.

Mollie got sick this past weekend, with a fever and cough.  Matt and I were both worried, but the presence of the bad cough and congestion reassured us that this was just a cold/flu and not related to leukemia.  She had a clinic visit scheduled on Tuesday for her regular follow-up so we decided to wait it out rather than put her through an additional doctor visit.

As it turned out, her fever spiked to 102 while we were in the clinic.  Dr. J's response?  Go see the pediatrician if she's not improving in 2-3 days.  Really.  I was expecting he would just write her a scrip to Zithromax and be done with it.  Such a different response than we would have gotten 6 months ago. Obviously, waiting it out is the better way to go, but not necessarily the easiest!

The clinic visit went really well even though Mollie was feeling puny.  We had talked about how to handle the inevitable arm stick.  It didn't go so well last time, so this time we decided she would close her eyes, take deep breaths, and squeeze my hand.  It worked!  Plus, Lucy was in the room with us telling Mollie how great she was doing!  Very sweet.

Her counts were great- ANC 3200.  They read them to me over the phone and I didn't have paper so I don't remember the details something like:

WBC 4.9
Hgb 10.9
Plt 175

The hemoglobin and platelet numbers are slightly lower than Mollie's usual numbers, but are well within the acceptable limits.

That's about it for now... she's getting an award at school tomorrow.  Shhhh!  It's a surprise!  I'll post photos and a re-cap this weekend.