"When I don't talk about it, it's not as bad"

That quote from Mollie was in reference to the steroids. She has handled them great this week. There have a been a few tearful and indecisive moments, and she's somewhat tired and subdued, but overall, I'm very impressed.

In this picture, she's working on a craft project and you can see the flower "tattoo" that one of the Child Life volunteers drew on her arm in the clinic waiting room.

We will be offline for a week or so for some much needed time off!


Letters... She's got letters....

Mollie got so many letters at camp- she was so happy that there was something in the mailbox for her every day! She wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent something. Here's the list:

Lala and Finn
Momo & TC
Janet and Charlie
Chemo Angels Susan & Belle
Rhian- for the welcome home card. Perfect timing, as usual!

I hope I didn't forget anyone! I will double check her pile of stuff to make sure.

And here's a shot of her right after she got off the bus from camp-


Clinic Update

Well, here it is, 3:15 PM and we just got back from Mollie's 9:30 AM appointment! Usually, we are home by 2, but today we got held up at the pharmacy because of an insurance issue (ugh). Anyway, the point is that these clinic days are long and boring; it's exhausting trying to keep everyone entertained.

Mollie's ANC remains very low (300), but the good news is that barring any fevers, we get to take our vacation! She got her IV chemo and is starting steroids, but we will still hold the daily oral chemo and we will also hold the weekly antibiotic (Septra) since it can also suppress the bone marrow. Beth (the NP) thinks that will help her counts rebound- let's hope so! All other numbers (hemoglobin, platelets) are fine. Mollie has developed a small rash on her face. Beth thinks that it is atopic dermatitis- the kids on chemo seem to be more prone to that. I tend to disagree, since it is not itchy, and I've heard many other parents say their kids get a similar type of rash when they go off chemo. But, either way, it is really not bothering her very much. If it is inflammatory, though, that may partially explain the low counts.

So, bring on the steroids!


Clinic tomorrow

Mollie has adjusted to life back at home. We had a fun family weekend- the weather was cooler and drier than usual (mid-high 80s) so we went to the Putt Putt (mini golf). Mollie hit a hole-in-one all by herself!

I will take Mollie to clinic tomorrow for her monthly IV chemo treatment and count check. Hopefully her ANC will be back up above 1000 and she can resume oral chemo at home. She will also begin the 5-day steroid pulse. We are looking forward to getting that over with so we can go on vacation! Fingers crossed for good counts and no fevers!