A Better Day

Well, yesterday, and especially today, have been much better than earlier in the week. Mollie is still tired, but she is not nearly as irritable and emotional. We will give her the last dose before bed. I'm not sorry that this steroid pulse is over-it's been a tough one.

My parents have arrived and tomorrow at this time we will have a new baby. Mollie is really, really excited. She told me today it feels like we've been waiting for this baby for years!

I'll post again after we meet the new baby!


I hate steroids!

Today was another rough day. Mollie is just so emotional and indecisive. She gets really, really worked up over little things and then can't calm down. Matt and I have to try really hard to keep our patience because when we start to lose it, things spiral downward quickly. I can't wait for this round of steroids to be over!!

The good part of the day was going to the dentist- imagine that! When I called to get an appointment to get Mollie's tooth pulled they also had a hygiene opening so she got her teeth cleaned and checked out. She didn't want to get the tooth pulled though, until the hygienist offered to give her a dollar! Mollie is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight. She will also get a visit from the chemo/steroid fairy and possibly the baby brother/sister fairy. I hope that last fairy will wait another day or two. Grandma Janet left today (and we WILL miss her) and my parents don't arrive until Friday.

I don't think she can handle school this week, so we'll probably keep her out tomorrow and Friday too. The baby update is that I will be induced on Saturday if the little guy doesn't show up before then. Friday sounds like the perfect time for a baby...


Oh What a Day!

Mollie had a tough day today. The steroids have really hit her hard and she is extremely emotional. She also has a very loose tooth, with the adult tooth already coming in behind it, that is driving her crazy. I picked her up from school early and she's been weepy and emotional ever since.

Tomorrow I will to try to get an appointment with the dentist to get that tooth pulled (it's really, really loose, but she won't tug it out) and I'll keep her home from school. Grandma Janet is leaving tomorrow so that will probably make Mollie even more emotional. If it works out, I'll try to take Mollie out for a treat while Lucy is at preschool.

For those interested: still no baby.


Clinic Update

Mollie had a great clinic day today!! All of her counts are good; her ANC is 5800. Wow! If it stays that high 2 months consecutively, they will increase her oral chemo dose. It looks like she might be fighting off some sort of bug so that may explain the high counts.

She took all the procedures like a trooper this morning; no crying or refusals. She even sat in the chair all by herself while they accessed her port and delivered the IV chemo (usually she sits on my lap). We were in and out in 2 hours (a miracle!).

She took her first steroid dose, so that should be kicking in any time, but hopefully going back to school and having grandparents around will keep her distracted and she won't think about the steroids too much.


Back to School

Well, the holidays are over and Mollie heads back to school tomorrow! We are still awaiting the newest member of our family and the wait is starting to get to us!! Our Christmas decorations are still up - I usually take them down Jan. 6 - so it still feels a little festive around here.

This week also brings the next round of chemo for Mollie and another pulse of steroids. Not good timing for the baby's arrival, but if it happens, it happens. I was really hoping that the baby would be born while Mollie was still on vacation (and she was too), but I know know she's really looking forward to seeing her friends and teachers.

Mollie has been working on a new craft- needlepoint. Matt's mom is here working on her own needlepoint project and Mollie has been very interested, so Janet bought her a small needlepoint kit the other day and Mollie has been making a lot of progress. She has also really progressed with reading, especially sounding out words. She is very interested in reading some of the books she got for Christmas (especially "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish") so we're working on that a little every day.

Update: Well, it looks like Mollie actually doesn't have school today (although the holiday was crossed out in the Board of Education Calendar), so she gets one more day off. Unfortunately for her, we rescheduled her clinic appointment for today; since we don't know when this baby is going to come, we figured it's better to just get the chemo now.