She's THREE!

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!


Give Kids the World

We were so fortunate to stay at Give Kids the World Village on Mollie's wish trip.  It was absolutely the best part about the trip!

If you haven't heard of GKTW, it is a resort only available to families through wish-granting organizations (like Make-a-Wish).  All of the families staying there have at least one medically-fragile child.  Because of this, GKTW caters to the needs of all children- even the merry-go-round and train accommodate wheelchairs easily.  It was truly amazing.

Our villa in storybook village

Enjoying the garden

A volunteer from GKTW met us at the airport, carried all of our luggage, and assisted us in picking up our rental car.  We learned that for every employee at GKTW there are 30 volunteers!  They are such kind people who are so eager to see the kids smile (and the parents too!). 
Mayor Clayton gave the girls a personal tuck-in!

All of the amenities at GKTW are completely free of charge- the food, rides, and activities.  Lucy and Mollie (and even Liam) loved the carousel!  It was open before breakfast until long past dinner.  We started every day with a few carousel rides on our way to breakfast!  They also had a train, arcade, theatre, garden and playhouse, ice cream parlor (open for breakfast!), miniature golf course, life-size Candyland playground, water park, and magic castle with a spa for kids!
Ice cream!

There were activities in the village every morning and evening.  There were some exchange students there for a few days; they taught the kids how to play with some traditional Japanese toys and wrote their names in Japanese.  They spoke very little English, but they were so sweet and friendly! Every Thursday night, every week of the year, they have a big Christmas celebration at the Village.  The kids loved the carriage ride, fake snow, cookie decorating, Christmas parade, and visit with Santa Claus.

Princess Mollie of Cornelius

Carriage ride- thanks to the horses, Tom and Dan

Visit with Santa Claus

Prince Liam

Mollie and Lucy walking up to the toadstool carousel
As if all that weren't enough, the also decorated our villa for Christmas, with a tree and other decorations inside and lights outside.  And the volunteers brought gifts for the kids EVERY DAY!

We could have stayed on the grounds of GKTW the whole week and still had a great time!  More on the rest of our trip coming...

Mayor Clayton's house

Lucy rode the carousel at least 5 times every day!

Even Liam enjoyed the merry-go-round

Lucy got her nails done in blue at the spa

Mollie and Lucy with Ms. Merry, the Mayor's wife
Mollie had clinic this week.  In the words of Dr. J, "She looks great!"   She has lost about 10 pounds since September, all steroid/water weight.  Her counts are great-

WBC  4.2
ANC  1800
Hgb  13.3
Plt  219

She didn't have her echo this week; clinic was closed last week (due to snow) so they rescheduled her appointment.  I thought they rescheduled the procedure, but they didn't.  So we will wait until next month.