Walk in the Park

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The weather was beautiful on Sunday and we were all feeling well, so we headed out to a local park (swamp) for a walk.

The fall colors haven't peaked yet, but we did see some fall blooms, migrating birds, and a 6 foot alligator!

Mollie still has a cough, but she is perky, eating well, and seems fine. Today she had a cardiac echo to establish her baseline heart function before she begins delayed intensification (DI). Next week she will get doxorubicin, a very cardiotoxic chemotherapy drug. They will continue to monitor her heart function throughout the DI phase.

I asked about why they do not do any additional bone marrow biopsies after remission is achieved. Turns out that they have figured out it doesn't help discover relapses any sooner than monitoring the blood cells, so it would put the kids through unnecessary anesthesia/procedures. Also, I read about a cardioprotective drug, DXR, that used to be given with doxorubicin. They used to use it but it has some myelosuppressive side effects and unknown long term side effects. In cases where they have to use extremely high doses of doxorubicin, they do still use DXR.

So, I am satisfied with the answers to my questions today and I'm looking forward to getting the delayed intensification behind us.

Poor Mollie has to get PEG-asparaginase shots on Halloween!! Maybe she'll still feel like trick or treating in the wagon.