Merry Christmas (& Clinic Update)

Wow!  Has it really been over 3 months since I updated the blog?  I started a full-time job in a nutrition research lab in August and time just flies these days!

Mollie had her quarterly clinic appointment yesterday, which consists of a physical exam and CBC with differential.  Dr. J says she is looking great and she has the blood counts to prove it!  Her ANC is 4000- we got our Christmas wish! We have weathered a few fevers and colds without having to go to the hospital (although the anxiety made me want to check in to a mental hospital!).  She is taking dance classes now (ballet, tap, and jazz) and is just enjoying being a kid.  She is doing great in school, but her neuropsych evaluation revealed some areas of relative weakness.  We are looking forward to meeting with a team at her school in January to develop and IEP or 504 plan to address these areas.

Lucy and Liam are doing just fine, too.  We found a wonderful child care center and they have adjusted well.  It is really warm and family friendly.  Mollie goes there for after-school care and loves being there with her siblings!

I wanted to send a special THANK YOU to everyone who donated to CURE Childhood Cancer for Matt's NYC Marathon fundraiser.  We raised $2150 for pediatric cancer research and support and Matt had a personal best!

Mollie doesn't have to go back to clinic for 3 months(!) but I promise I will update the blog before then.  I think I need to do a big photo post.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!