Grade 1, Day 1

Yesterday was the last day of steroids (yay!) and also the last day of summer (boo!).  School started today.  I am struggling, but Mollie did amazingly well.  New school.  New bus procedures.  She knows no one.  Yet, she got off the bus smiling and telling me she had a great day!  She is my hero!

I can't stop comparing things to how they were in Augusta (bad, I know, but I just can't help it).  We had such a wonderful staff at the school and Mr. B, the bus driver, was one in a million.  It's just different here, new, and I don't know what to expect. There are other circumstances making back to school harder for me this year. Mollie isn't a brand new kindergartner any more, so they don't coddle them nearly as much.  And, aside from her teacher and the school nurse, no one knows about the leukemia.  You can't tell from looking at her and we decided we didn't need to send home a letter to her classmates this year.  If she chooses to talk about it,  she can.  We may ask her teacher to say something to the kids about her absences (at least once per month for clinic), but probably not.  It is hard for me to meet and talk to people without immediately telling them about the leukemia- it has been such a big part of my life.

Mostly, I am wondering where my little girl went.  Now she's a big first grader!
Mollie and Liam on Mollie's first day of First Grade

Soaking in the sprinkler on the last weekend before school starts.


Steroids, Day 3

We are 50% of the way through this last round of steroids.  Mollie is having a tough time because this is the highest dose she has been on since the beginning of treatment.  There are lots of sibling fights and hurt feelings.  It makes me so glad that Lucy was too young to "get it" for most of Mollie's treatment.  This morning she was crying over how Mollie was treating her; I doubt she will remember it and I am so glad it will be over soon.

Some photos from Friday: