Day 3

Today was day 3 of the induction phase of chemotherapy. The plan is for Mollie to receive intensive chemotherapy for 28 days with the goal of putting the cancer into remission. My parents and Matt's parents are here helping and so many friends have stepped up to help. When I have a break, I'll write out the story of how Mollie was diagnosed and what it was like those first few days.

Mollie has acute lymphoblastic leukemia (pre-B cell ALL). You can find out more about this disease in numerous websites; I like www.curesearch.org.

Today Mollie was more like herself. She spent several hours in the play room playing Rapunzel, pretending to talk on the phone, playing in the play kitchen, and coloring. I guess all the playing wore her out because now she's sleeping soundly despite the TV being on and Lucy screaming!

Just a note: The mornings and evenings are difficult because that's when the medications are dispensed, labs are drawn, blood sugar is measured, etc.