The Zoo

We finally made it to the zoo today... and it was wonderful. Mollie had a terrific time, and Lucy was, well, cooperative.

We started out at the botanical gardens and eventually made our way to the zoo. Mollie loves the gardens, especially the compost demonstration area. We walked all over the zoo and Mollie never once complained about walking! She jumped on the stroller for a break a few times, but I would guess she walked well over 2 miles!

The grizzly bears put on quite a show for us!

Other highlights were riding the merry-go-round, pretending to put on a performance in the big amphitheatre, rolling down the grassy hill, seeing baby swans, climbing on boulders, and playing in the children's garden.

A little boy kept calling Mollie a boy (because of her short hair) and she got upset and ran to me for help. I said she could ignore him or tell him why she has short hair or we could leave. So she walked back over and proceeded to tell him, " I have to take chemotherapy. That's strong medicine and it made my hair fall out! How would YOU feel if YOU had LEUKEMIA? Would you like me to explain? There was a girl in my class who called me a boy but the child life specialist came to my school and explained about strong medicine and now she understands. Do YOU understand?" He said yes, and that was the end of the "boy" calling! She was so proud of herself! And, man, was I proud of HER!

I wish Matt had been with us because it was such a perfect day, but he had to work (and go to the Masters, poor guy!).


Post Steroids

Mollie is doing great. We cleaned her bedroom this morning and she spent the rest of the day (~8 hours) playing around the corner at Isabella's house! Yesterday morning the lingering effects of the steroids were causing some nausea and irritability. Her stomach started bothering her at Mass, but it was nothing that a few chocolate eggs couldn't fix! So we made it to German lessons and then took it easy the rest of the afternoon.

We were having trouble getting Zofran because our insurance limits us to a certain number of pills per month and we had used them all up. Fortunately, we know some creative people and got a prescription for a different dosage (thanks Amy G., Beth, and Kelley). Zofran seems to be the one thing that really helps Mollie with the nausea and stomach pain.