Feeling Tongue Tied

Sorry for the lack of updates- I keep starting a post and then getting interrupted and forgetting exactly what I wanted to say.

Here's a shout out to my friends Anita, Nicola, Liz and Lauren! I have known these ladies for 20+ years and we've kept in touch across the miles. They know that I've been struggling lately and sent me a very special care package last week. Thank you friends, I truly appreciate it!

Mollie is doing pretty well, although she has been experiencing more nausea & vomitting than usual. She gets really shaky in the middle of the night (towards morning) and sometimes throws up. She takes her chemo at night, so I think it could be low blood sugar. She might still be adjusting to the higher dose of 6 MP that she started 3 weeks ago. It's leaving us all pretty tired. Tonight I will try keeping some Cheerios or crackers next to her bed and giving her Zofran with her evening meds and see if that helps.

We made a spontaneous trip to Jacksonville, FL on Sunday to see Cal play Duke in the NCAA tournament. It was fun (even though they lost) and the kids were great on the drive! Lucy and Mollie were both impressed by the crowd in the big arena. We might have spent the night in Jacksonville and made a trip out of it, but we forgot Mollie's chemo at home. We've been giving her chemo every single day for 600+ days and we forget on the one day we go out of town. Figures!