Clinic Update

Mollie had a great in-and-out clinic visit today!  Her counts were perfect:

Plt:  209
Hgb: 12.7
WBC:  6.8
ANC:  3700!

She is enjoying science camp this week in the mornings, followed by afternoon errands.  Today it was oncology clinic, tomorrow it is her follow-up neuropsych visit. 

On a different note, last night we found out that Mollie, Lucy, and Liam's second cousin was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma.  He's only 10 years old.  Our hearts go out to their family.  We know the awful feelings they are experiencing.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!



Why haven't we done any fundraising for pediatric cancer in a while?  Numerous reasons.  Just being busy with moving to a new state & raising three (awesome) kids.  Feeling the need to take a break from cancer since the end of Mollie's treatment last year.  Maybe some confusion about which charities to support.

As the 3rd anniversary of Mollie's diagnosis rolled around this June, Matt and I had a serious talk about starting a foundation in Mollie's name to raise money to donate to a pediatric cancer organization of Mollie's choosing.  We still intend to do this someday, but the day after this conversation I saw a post on Facebook that seemed to be speaking to us.  The post, from CURE Childhood Cancer, a nonprofit that I trust and support, said

"Are you running in the ING NYC Marathon?  Check out what our friends at iRunnerBlog & Brooks Sports are doing and join their fundraising team to raise $50K to support CURE Childhood Cancer!"

It just so happens that Matt had already won a spot in the New York City Marathon and was planning to start training in July.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity and motivation to raise money for a pediatric cancer nonprofit organization.  CURE Childhood Cancer is based in Atlanta and provides funding for childhood cancer research grants, pediatric oncology fellowships, and patient and family support and education.

We are trying to raise $2500 by November, so please spread the word and help us reach our goal!  Click HERE to donate.  I still need to get some better pictures on our page and hopefully figure out how to put a button on the blog.