Today was attempt # 2 for starting consolidation. Mollie's ANC was below the cutoff though so we're waiting until next Weds.

She wasn't as upset about the fasting this time- probably because we gave her ample warning.

We had a lovely trip to Athens yesterday...

Lucy looked at monkey pictures at UGA, then we had a yummy lunch at Doc Chey's noodle house (the kiddos ate Dorritos- what can I say?).

After that, it was a walk around town looking for bulldogs. We also had Ben and Jerry's.

Then, we topped the day off with blueberry picking at Post Oak Farm.

Mollie had a lot of energy and she and Bella got along splendidly.


No weekend is complete without a little Mollie health scare. Last night when I was helping her get her jammies on I noticed that she had a rash on her back, shoulder, and arm. Matt and I discussed and decided to call the on call doc because it looked pretty bad. The Dr. A wasn't too worried about it and said it could wait until morning as long as there was no fever.

Thank heavens the rash was gone by the time I was ready for bed so no doctor or ER visits!


Just the card/package update for this week.... Uncle Robert, Phil and Holly, Alex (Tian Tian), Nicola, J & C

Again, the encouragement is wonderful. Mollie REALLY appreciates the cards and listens intently as we read them out loud to her.
This has been a good weekend.

Mollie and I went to "girls night" last night, had a good time, and stayed out late. After sleeping in today, we had a relaxing morning. Then Shane came over to babysit while Matt and I went to lunch and a movie (first movie we've gone to together in over a year I think).

We still haven't done anything about the hair but let it fall out on it's own. Personally, I would rather see Mollie with no hair than straggly ragged hair, but I am letting her decide. After all, it's her body. Isabel's mom said she dyed her hair pink before cutting it so we may give that a go....

Our friends Shane and Michelle have really stepped up and made these last few weeks much easier. Thanks you gals!!