from the hospital, day 5

Well, I am more optimistic today.   I can't say why because nothing really has changed, but I just feel better about everything.  We got Mollie's counts- her white blood cells (and neutrophils) are about the same as yesterday- low.  Her platelet count has come up a bit and hemoglobin is holding. 

We had a consult with infectious diseases a little while ago.  They agree that this is probably viral, but are adding an extra antibiotic to cover the (extremely unlikely) possibility of rocky mountain spotted fever (!)

I think her rash looks a little better.  Maybe it's just optimism, but it doesn't look as red to me. Mollie is in a little better mood and isn't tethered to the IV constantly so she's getting up, walking around, and just finding different places to sit in this little hospital room.  Sitting in bed for days on end is not good for anybody!

I brought some more beads, crafts, knitting,  and Tinkerbell the movie and we plan to spend the day crafting and not thinking about cancer. 

I will keep updating here as we know more; we are still on for a spinal/bma tomorrow afternoon unless counts come up in the morning.  They are running some tests to check for different viruses and we should get those results back today or tomorrow.  If they identify what this is, they will cancel the spinal and wait until she is better to do her off treatment assessment.  I'm praying so hard for those counts to come up!! 


  1. Sarah, I am praying for the counts to come up. I am glad you feel more optimistic today. Please give Mollie our love.

  2. Forgot to sign our names ... Marv, Michelle, & Bella

  3. Mollie,
    We miss you so much in Augusta. We are praying for you to feel better very soon so you can see all of your new friends at school. I am so glad Mrs. Swenson is there with you!!
    Love, Sherry and Wes Adams

  4. Hey Mollie and family,
    I think of your smiling face and sweet little spirit often.You always reminded me when I saw you in the school or in the clinic to appreciate everything day to day in life. I am keeping you in my prayers that you get better and will be heading home soon.
    Hugs to you, Nurse Coley

  5. Mollie,

    We are praying for you and your family and we hope you get out of the hospital soon.

    Hugs, Kyra Velasco and family.

  6. It is wonderful to see your smiling face, Mollie, with Lucy and Liam. It brighten my day. Sending prayers for you minute by minute.

  7. Mollie,
    I'm praying for you too.
    I guess I'll see you soon as rumor has it that Delta will have a B767 waiting for me and Mommo shortly.
    Love to you all.


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