Friends mean a lot to us. Since Mollie's cancer diagnosis, we have strengthened friendships with people we already knew. Mollie's best friend Isabella and her family have been there for us every time we've needed them (even if we didn't know we needed them) and I can't say enough good things about them. And our friends from around the country have been a tremendous support.

We also have new friends that we probably wouldn't know if Mollie didn't have leukemia. Other families from clinic, people from Team in Training, and other people who have been affected by cancer.

Courson's family gave Mollie some birthday money this week and it made her day! She picked a toy store and spent at least 45 minutes deciding what she wanted to buy. After her spinal tap and before the toystore, we met Zackary and his mom at Stevi B's for pizza and games!

On Friday, we met up with some other friends at the park... Abi is about Mollie's age and her little sister was diagnosed with leukemia when we were in the hospital in December. Mollie and Abi are on the same wavelength and had fun playing (that's them jumping in the photo).

I bumped into a friend from TNT yesterday at the store and it reminded me that our online buddy, Rhian, is going to be running the Hibiscus Half Marathon in Hawaii in honor of Mollie. I can't find her fundraising page online, but you can read her post about it here.


No foolin'

Mollie's spinal and IV chemo went very well yesterday. She couldn't eat because of the anesthesia, so she was miserably hungry all morning. That made the port access, blood draw, and the waiting much more difficult for both of us. I was fasting too (except for coffee)- I wouldn't even consider eating in front of her. It wasn't too bad as far as spinal taps go: we got to clinic when it opened at 9 and we were in the car to go home at 1:45. Then we met up with Zachary and Carrie at the pizza place and Mollie ate two plates of pasta, breadsticks, and shredded cheese!

We are laying low today because the steroids are already having an effect- Mollie has sunken eyes and is very, very tired. It's rainy and dreary outside, so it's a good day to stay in.


Birthday Blast

Mollie had a great time at Isabella's birthday party today! It was at one of those jumping places (indoor inflatable playground) and Mollie just kept jumping and jumping. It was a great group of kids-- she got to spend plenty of time with Isabella, but also enjoyed playing with other kids (including Jonathan, who helped her brave the big, steep slide). We stayed over 3 hours and Mollie was pretty worn out, but it was great to see her having so much fun and being so active!

We travelled light (no camera) so, no pictures, just good memories. I'm glad she got this in before starting steroids this week. Tuesday, she has her spinal chemo, IV chemo, and begins the 5-days of steroids.

Our friend Gage is still in the hospital. Last night I brought him a goody bag from Mollie and visited with his mama for a little while. So, despite our awful ER visit last week, I'm thankful they let us go home and that Mollie didn't get admitted. We hope Gage gets to go home tomorrow!