Mollie is taking a lot of medicines now. At least 4 different meds, twice a day. The majority of them are aimed at reducing the side effects of the chemo- mouth washes, antacid, etc., and then, of course, there's the steroid, dexamethasone. We call that the "icky" one. Mollie doesn't like it because it tastes terrible. I don't like it because that's the one that causes the moodiness, fluid retention, and fatigue. Fitting that it is the only one that tastes bad.

This weekend the fatigue seemed worse. Mollie tried to do an echappe (a ballet step) and almost fell down because her legs were so weak. It just about broke my heart and left her feeling pretty bad too. But then we went online and played some games-- Care Bears and Super Why-- that lifted her spirits. So did our tea party and watching a movie with daddy (especially the popcorn).

I got out of the house quite a bit this weekend to drink wine with my neighbor and meet my coworker's new baby girl. And I went to the market for the first time in 3 weeks to buy groceries- it was actually kind of nice! For an update on Lucy, see my other blog.


  1. We had Izzy's bday party today and really missed you guys. Sounds like you are being a super mom. I'm glad you were able to get out some. I think a lot about you. We're putting a Izzy made card with a little something special for Mollie in the mail tomorrow.

  2. Shoot! The hat in the photo is the OTHER one I got Mollie to match a shirt as well as a little outfit for Lucy-- who also got a matching headband. Is that hat all Mollie got in that pattern? (Basically deciding if I should return the hat or the whole pattern).

  3. Hi Liv,
    That hat is the only thing she got in that pattern and I love it!! And it's a size 3 years so she could probably use a bigger size anyway...

  4. Well then, heads up for what the girls' CMas gifts will hold :) I got her a 4-years and Lucy a 1-year.


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