This story is for you, G.

About a month ago, Mollie and I made a little "fairy" garden. We had some little seedlings coming up in a shallow pot and Mollie built a little house out of twigs and leaves for the fairies. She checked it and adjusted it for a week or so. Our yard is over-run with squirrels and we went out one day to "check" on the fairy garden and the little house was destroyed. I told Mollie the squirrels must have gotten into it and she said, "So that's why I haven't seen any fairies! Hrmph!" and stomped off.

Now, we plan to build a sturdier fairy house using glue and some nails.


  1. sweet. i know you are thinking of activities you can do with her to keep her entertained during low points. a friend of mine has happily done indoor treasure hunts. she says it take a bit to set it up, but she picks a treat and puts it somewhere, then makes clues and hides those in various places in the house, so that her preschooler is given the first clue and has to follow the chain to the treat at the end. i thought it sounded like fun to try with lala. maybe for mollie too?

  2. Ohhh Mollie! She might be sick and in crappy moods and feel like heck, but she has me laughing out loud at some of the things she says. Her being upset about the fairies is pretty cute. Does she get that sense of humor from you, M, or just being 4? I told her uncle the story about wearing leaves and he really enjoyed it :)

  3. Too cute. I should read up on the evidence flower fairies leave behind, you know like Santa's bites out of the cookies. I have about 20 different flower fairy books on order for the store, for our August Fairy Day, I'm sure one of them will tell me.

    Has Mollie seen www.flowerfairies.com, it has some fun things, like your own fairy fortune and writing fairy codes. But let Mollie know that the woman who discovered flower fairies is from England, so there are a lot of American Flower Fairies that have never yet been seen.


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