So we're in the hospital again. Mollie went in for chemo today and I had noticed last night that her eyes were looking funky- there was a slight discharge and they seemed yellowish. We pointed that out to the docs, they did some blood tests, and her bilirubin levels are high. This means her liver is being affected by the chemo (not uncommon) so they are giving her some meds to help breakdown the bilirubin and watching her closely. Her plasma salt levels are low and she is retaining water so the nephrology team is on that too.

I guess it is par for the course. She's doing fine, but is a little grumpy about being in the hospital. And they held off on her dose of vincristine for today so I don't know what that means for the rest of the induction treatment plan.

We got a lovely package of homemade chocolate chip cookies in the mail today (thanks Jen and Jason) and a delicious homemade Thai noodle salad in person (thanks Michelle and Isabella). I know you guys didn't know we were coming to the hospital this afternoon (neither did we), but your timing was impeccable!! And we devoured everything!

For those of you who are local, Mollie can have visitors (as long as they are not acutely ill and are up to date on immunizations). Dr. A said we should expect to be in here for a few days, possibly through the weekend, depending on how Mollie's body responds. Just give me a ring if you plan to stop by...

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