Mollie was discharged today after lunch with strict instructions to eat bananas and limit fluid intake. So that's that-- they are just going to monitor her closely for the rest of the induction period.

Also, I want a double stroller and I think the only one that's going to work for us is the Maclaren twin stroller because it has a high weight limit. My friend N (the super deal finder) is on the lookout for a used one but I figured I would just put the word out there. The more eyes the better, right?

The Joovy company gave me a discount on their sit/stand stroller. It is wonderful for getting to doctor appointments and I really appreciate it. But, it won't really work or longer trips because Mollie can't lay back in it. I don't want Mollie to do TOO much riding around in a stroller, but I know some days she won't feel up to doing anything. I would rather have her ride around in a stroller than sit in the house all day.


  1. hey sarah,
    buy the stroller, send me the bill - it is the least i can do. i am so glad that mollie is back home - i really appreciate my own bed after a week in the hospital.

    i love you

    tc the grouch.

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  3. sarah. watch the mail next week. there will be a box headed your way.


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