If you were a fly (or flea or waterbug or ant) on the wall in our house this weekend, this is what you would hear:

"Mama, can I have some cheese?" In a little while.

"How many minutes?" About 120. You just had cheese and turkey.

"Mama, is it dinnertime yet." No, it won't be dinner for 2 hours.

"And then I can have cheese?" Yes. We have a good movie to watch tonight.

"Can we have popcorn?"

Clearly, the steroids are kicking in. Mollie's gone from craving pesto pasta, to Doritos, to cheese in 48 hours. Now we're on to ham and turkey. The 28 day induction ends on Thursday so then I think we'll get some respite from the steroids.

And it sounds like someone is sending us a stroller. Thank you in advance whoever that is!


  1. Oh, she sounds just like me! Last night I wanted spinach, and this morning it was all about bread. Doritos do sound good though...I never seem to crave raw vegetables. If Mollie's hungry does that mean she's feeling any better or has more energy?

  2. And she kind of looks like she's a few months pregnant, too. Her belly is really distended and she was so skinny that it is really noticeable. The doctors told us that some kids even get stretchmarks.


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