I know that Mollie is not having a good day because she asked me to pick out her clothes.

I convinced her that it would be fun to go to the library.We got all the way over there and she wouldn't get out of the car. She had fallen asleep on the way and said she just wanted to go home and take a nap. I let her sleep in the car a little while I nursed Lucy, thinking she might change her mind if she got a little rest.

No luck. We've been home 2.5 hours and she just now woke up from her nap.


  1. Aw...I'm sending Mollie well wishes and positive vibes.

  2. The poor little girl. It'll get better, not that I know this from personal experience, but I have faith, not in God, but in Mollie.

  3. poor mollie. heart wrenching as a mamma. long distance hugs being sent.

  4. Oh! It breaks my heart when she's in a yucky mood and can't get out of it. Is there anything that's a no-fail mood lifter (besides Lucy)? :\


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