The Pendulum

Steroids. They make Mollie tired. And moody. The other chemo is bad in terms of the physical side effects, but the dex is what makes her go from "You're the bestest, bestest mama in the whole wide world" to "When I get bigger I'm not going to live with you any more! And I'm not going to have any babies. And I am going to have my own house with my own couch. Huh!"

(The latter statement was prompted by me sitting down on the sofa next to her. Jeesh, I should know better by now!)

Today wasn't too bad though. I took her to see Madagascar 2. She really enjoyed the movie. And the buttered popcorn and junior mints, getting out of the house, and some time away from Lucy.


  1. Excellent post title. It'll swing back, it'll swing back. {{Hugs}}

  2. One of my friends in town has three kids, ages 5, 2.5, and four months. I asked her what it was like, and she said, it's like any other job, some days are good, some days are bad. Well this morning she came into the bookstore after what had been a bad day. Xavi (age 2.5) had apparently fired her as his mom the night before. And I realized it is not quite like a job, you can quit jobs.


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