Steroids, Day 2

Today was not a good day for me, but Mollie actually did very well. My problem was not getting any sleep last night. I stayed up to watch Obama's speech and then I was just headed to bed when Lucy started crying (she barely got a nap in yesterday because of clinic, so she had gone to sleep without eating). I fed her, got 3 hours of sleep, and then Mollie woke up. It was downhill from there (no more decent sleep the rest of the night).

So on to Mollie. She is alternating between being lethargic and very active. She has huge dark circles under her eyes and some nausea. I don't know if it's from the steroids, the vincristine, or the doxorubicin. She is not very interested in eating and her diet today consisted of cheerios, chocolate milk, a tiny amount of sliced apple, a piece of cauliflower, a roll, a few pieces of cheese, and chips. There are medications to manage most of the side effects, so we will just try to roll with it. Tomorrow I'll try making her a smoothie to give her some good protein.


  1. Dearest Lucy, your momma needs more sleep. Please do try to become a Wonderbaby that we all hear about; the ones that sleep all night. ;-)

    I did read the other day that a little extra fat in the diet can help with chemo dry mouth and upset tummies. Perhaps it will help Mollie a little?

  2. I can't think of anything that will make your life easier, but I'm sending you good thoughts from the other side of the country.

    Are there Trader Joe's in Georgia?

  3. Dear Julie,

    Last night I slept from 8 PM until 10 AM and only woke up once!! Thanks for the tip! Love, Lucy

    And I think fat does help- Mollie devours chips and cheese when she's on steroids.

    G- thanks for the thoughts- I am thinking good thoughts for you too, swollen lady!

    It is tragic and lamentable, but there are no Trader Joe's in Georgia. The "natural foods" market we go to is Earthfare (www.earthfare.com). It's more akin to Whole Foods, but still good.

  4. Cheese at least is good protein, but I hope the smoothie worked too! At least she is eating something, and sending you guys big hugs to get through this long bout.

    No Trader here in HI either, truly tragic.

  5. huge hugs from afar for both you and mollie.
    and Tjs would be missed for 2 buck chuck alone!

  6. Dearest Lucy, You are officially the World's Most Wonderful Baby.

    Alyson craves salt like crazy with the steroids. I just discovered microwave potato chips today. I hope that they'll be helpful when she starts up dex again. At least I can control the salt! (Much too detailed instructions over at Instructables.)

    Big hugs to both girls.


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