Ow! Shots.

Mollie got her PEG-asparaginase shots today- two painful shots, one in each thigh. She had to stay at the clinic for an hour afterwards to be observed for allergic reactions.

The shots were pretty awful- she screamed for someone to help her and said she was trapped and wanted to get away. Thankfully the traumatic part lasted only 5-10 minutes, and most of this was before actually getting the shots (the anticipation). A few minutes afterward, Kym, the child life specialist, had her laughing at Aloysius the bubble-eating alligator, decorating a turtle, and watching Angelina Ballerina for the observation period. And eating Cheetos. Lots and lots of Cheetos.

She's been walking around a bit so I think some of the pain is wearing off. She just told me she forgot about her shots, but she didn't forget about being a brave, strong girl!


  1. Ouch! Aly's got PEG scheduled for Monday. I'm not looking forward to three pokes in one day. Perhaps a small leg rub and warm towels are in order?

    Who is Aloysius? I've not heard of this alligator! Very, very interesting.

  2. Julie,

    Aloysius is a hungry alligator that belongs to the child life specialist (don't tell him... but he's a toy).

    She found that a lot of kids relax when she blows bubbles. So she gives the alligator to the kids and tells them to help him catch the bubbles. It didn't distract Mollie during the shots, but it helped her a lot afterwards!

  3. What a brave girl you've got! And what a brave mom she has!

  4. do you need more bribes/presents, S?
    huge hugs to all of you.

  5. Ow ee! I still remember as a kid having a rabies shot after being scratched by a cat, one in each thigh, one in each arm, I kicked the doctors tray over and my dad had to all but sit on me to get it done. Big hugs to Mollie, totally feel for you guys with these, how many more does she have to have?


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