DI Begins

Today was a big day. This morning, my dad headed home and we headed off to clinic. Mollie's ANC was 1470, so she got her doxorubicin (i.v.), vicristine (i.v.), and methotrexate (spinal/LP) and she started a 7-day pulse of the dreaded decadron (and it is a higher dose than previously). She didn't get over to the OR for her LP until late in the day, so she was hungry all day long. She did great though.

We went to vote afterwards and we are back home, about to enjoy a delicious dinner made by a neighbor (we also enjoyed a delicious dinner from another neighbor last night).

We are all tired, and worried about dealing with Mollie on steroids for the next few weeks (even Mollie is concerned). I am not looking forward to the PEG-asparaginase shots on Friday either. Forty -two days until this phase is (scheduled to be) over- we have been warned that there are likely to be delays due to low WBC/platelet counts.


  1. We are all thinking about you guys and we know that it will be rough, but Mollie is so tough! :) Happy Thoughts! Happy Thoughts! Happy Thoughts!

  2. Our doc does her LPs on Monday afternoons. It was awful while Alyson was on steroids to wait that long. As long as we are ok with another doc performing the LP, we can now schedule it earlier. Basically, I feel for both you and Mollie. It's difficult waiting that long when you are SO hungry!

    Big hugs to Mollie for having to deal with the decadron. It's horrid not to be in control and that med makes you lose more. :-(


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